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UPS Widget 2.1

UPS Widget - a desktop tool to track all of your UPS shipment
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ThinkDesktop LLC

UPS Widget is a desktop tool that makes it easier for you to track all of your UPS shipments, update customers, work efficiently and get the information you want at a glance.
UPS Widget helps you:
* Track - Quickly track packages and name shipments for easy recognition.
* Update - Stay on top of inbound and outbound shipments with automatic alerts.
* Inform - Keep customers and colleagues up-to-date with quick shipment status emails.
* Manage - Follow multiple shipments at once and save time with easy colour-coding.
* Customise - Get your news, tracking and UPS updates directly to your desktop with custom alerts and RSS feeds.
* Personalise - Display your favorite UPS Widget style on your desktop. Choose Classic, Snowboard or unlock more with special codes.

System Requirements: Windows, Mac® OS X, Built with Adobe® AIR

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